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=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^= [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=

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Ramble that turned into something eles [Mar. 5th, 2003|12:28 am]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |http://www.bassdrive.com/]

Did any one watch Angel tonight? like OMG... it was kinda wrong like Cordy sleeping with Conner now this!! whats wrong with the wrighters, there sick. I feeling that here baby isn't Conners, but The Demon's. Thats my little theroy. AND OMG faith is back. I never relay liked her. Only cause her real name is my real name. and no one has my name its too unushial. I don't want to share my name. And no her name isn't Izzy.

Well tomorrow I go to schools and talk to the ppl. Do some Homework, Call some other possilbe Jobs since the last one was a bust. Sigh. my mom says that maby i should jsut look in to school for awiel. she thinks I am stressing to much about finding a job. Me and my mom are getting along so well. Its freaky.

I can't belive its that simple. Just to be happy. I am still kinda like wow! I knwo i might be over doing the happy thing, but i can't help it. I just so happy to be happy. I just got to work on my self confidance. I shouldn't care what ppl think about me, my art, my life, my feelings.


Oh one more thing.. i realdn't didn't like Jungle music, but now its kinda grawing on my.
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I almost lost my toe [Mar. 4th, 2003|08:24 pm]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |TV - Buffy]

I tripped and fell. And almost riped my baby toe off. My mom wasn't home yet. I was like OMG I am gonn alosse my toe. Then she came home and rushed me to the Hostible were I got to wait a few hours. The DR siad I didn't need the toe and was gonna cut it off. I was mortifed. Then he Laughed. WHAT AN ASSHOLE. He sowed it all back up, Its all numb i can't feel it. I have never had something like that happen to me... I need a smoke. I am still all pail and shacky form the blood loss and shock. but the adrenline was kinda Niffty.

See I am still all happy and bouncy even if i almost lost my toe. There must be somethign wrong with me. Or high on the whole thought of I ALMOST LOST MY TOE. hehe thats so cool. okie, i might be over agzderating, but its not every day My Toe might go away. lol.
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Poop poooop pooooooop on you! [Mar. 4th, 2003|03:56 pm]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Astral Projection - Solid Electronics]

I went that "interview" It wasn't realy one it was a job agency and you pay them like 100 up font, then 300 for there members fee, then they take of 2% of your anual Income. It was Nutz! I almost got sucked in. BUT i didn't have $100, Soo POOO on them.

I just saw 'Rise of Zit Boy' Invader Zim. It was the grosses one I have seen....

My friends alter_ego72 Just joined a few days ago. So this is my Oficial welcome to LJ. Now you will become an LJ crackHead Just liek me, Just liek every one eles. You will stay up all night and Posting till your fingers go numb and you Die. I also got her into Invader Zim hehehe. I am so cool.. she has no friends of yet. she keeps on posting to my friends, witch is just soo cute. I feel liek i am her older sister. She is cool too so ig ou wanted to check out her randomness go for it.
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I got shinny nail polish, its purple chrome, i like the word chrome! [Mar. 3rd, 2003|09:06 pm]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |lazylazy]

I got a job interview tomorrow. Ya! Its at 11am I don't like that but thats okie. I am tired anyways I will go to bed early so I can wake up and do stuff befor I go. Like figguring out were i am saposta go. Maby I should do that now. Gah, I still need to fix the Printer. Have I mentions that all printers are possed by the devil.

Ohh, Girl Intrupted is on tv, cool, Hmm. Use to realate to this movie. I don't anymore. How intresting. I think I will go watch it and chat with my friend who just came online. OHH i almost for go that the Invader zim Episiod finshed DL awiel ago.. hehe i will watch that at the same time

OMG, my mom jsut gave me money for no reason. She siad its for all the work i have been doing... but i don't think i have beeb doing much. I am not Complianing. This day just keeps on getting better and better!!
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Music has to much affect on my emotions [Mar. 3rd, 2003|12:22 am]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |fullfull]
[music |Infected Mushroom - Gamma Goblins Remix]

I so despratly want to feel sad
Don't ask me why
Maby its this song 'VNV - Beloved'
It has aways ment so much to me
Makes me think of times I know I shouldn't
But I still look
Its kidna lika picking the scab and seeing if its still is gonna bleed.
And yet I still Continue being happy and bouncy
Knowing I can still bleed
Hmm this is the last smoke i will have
I have no more money to bye another pack
But now I am all like happy and stuff cause the music has changed

Beloved lyricCollapse )
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BUNNEEEEEEEEE [Mar. 1st, 2003|07:51 pm]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |geekygeeky]
[music |GIR - The Doom Song]

Mu mom got me pink Bunny ears from the states today.
Don't I look Cute!

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Be for I sleep [Mar. 1st, 2003|05:51 am]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |VNV Nation - Beloved]

OKie, why is it in all my communities i post in i get like 120423573465 Reply POests, but in my own Friends i get nadda. I dont' mean to Btich or anthing but i find it reather funny that perfect stranger are more intrested in what i have to say. HMM after typing this. I don't think i care.
OKie carrry on!

When it gets to this piont i often wonder if there any piont in sleeping?
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LOOK LOOK i am being optimistic! [Mar. 1st, 2003|02:09 am]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |Some obscure Drum n' bass track]

I feel alot better now that I am not Crushing. Crushing sux most time cause you ushaly get crushed at the end. But i think i have had enuf crushes that I can learn from the past, and not purse them after knowing there is no intrest. So now i have gianed a pertental Good friend. witch in the end if you think about it is alot better.

I find in realationships there is a facter of it ending and friendsships rarly do. At lest not for me. I only had one friend that is an EX but that is because she used me and treated me like shit. I can't put my heart out on the line like i use too. I feel way to vonerable.

Any ways i happy with the out come. And kinda exsited cause WHEEE i have a new friend.. I been kinda making alot of new friends recantly. Its good cause i was kinda hidding away for a long time and now I have started to come out of my shell. Man am i glad to have closure.

Its a the end of an era in Izzy land. Now to begin a new. I like new beinnings. I kinda feel liek there is nothing that can stop. I wish i could share this feeling with every one. I knwo that there will be days when i will be down. But doesn't every one. I will just stop thinking that the world is gonna end and its all my fault. I can't change the past but i can change the way things are gonna be.
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Come Sail away (sorry i coudln't think of a better tittle) [Feb. 28th, 2003|11:36 pm]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |crankycranky]

Went out looked for a job at 5:30 went to the bars got a little drunk. Drank some bobble tea witch was kinda odd and made me a little sick. came home. and now i want some one to talk too. why isn't there any one online? I probly scared them away. I want to call some one. Sigh...
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Gah I am awake [Feb. 27th, 2003|10:45 am]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Covenant - Stalker]

I litteraly had to kick myself out of bed. I like sleep when i am actuly asleep. My cat was sleeping on top of me so it was realy hard. She is soo worm and nice. I want to go back. NOO much fight temptation. need to do stuff today.

Even in my dream TTC bus drivers are ass holes. I hate busses, Me is glad i got the new subway out side my door. MOHAHAHHA.

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