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Snow Be Gone [Mar. 5th, 2003|04:02 pm]
=^-^= Princess Cat Girl =^-^=
[mood |intimidatedintimidated]
[music |Infected_Mushroom_-_P.G.M.]

well I am gonan be leaving soon. I am dead tired as ushal. Its seems when ever I see this group of friends I am always running on a few hours asleep. And too see them i have to go up this hill and it sux cause its never shovled and its realy steep. I am soo gonna die...

I think I just mannged to confuss myself...

You know whats cool? when you look out side and your drive way has been cleaned already!! Its a grate feeling...

I realy should have done something other then play Zelda Majors Mask all day. Bad Izzy.. My foot is cold and a bit numb... my toe seems to be okie. its hurts liek a bitch tho..